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QuickTips video - EN Version

Date: 08/01/2019
Brand: YouTube
Platform: ADATA


QuikTIPS openning.mp4

QuikTIPS Ep.1 - How to Choose Your First SSD.mp4

QuikTIPS Ep.2 - USB 101 Transfer Speeds Connectors and More.mp4

QuikTIPS Ep.3 - Why Do You Need an External SSD.mp4

QuikTIPS Ep.4 - RAM 101 Types, Single vs Dual Channel, and More.mp4

QuikTIPS Episode 3 Script - Why Do You Need an External SSD_.docx

QuikTIPS Episode 4 - Final Script.docx

QuikTIPS Ep2 Script - All About USB .docx

QuikTIPS Ep1 Script - How to Choose Your First SSD.docx

Final Script - QuikTIPS Episode 5.docx

Power Bank 101 – QuikTIPS Ep 5.mp4

EP6_SSD 101 Speeds, Endurance, and More_EN.mp4

QuikTIPS Episode 6 Script - SSD 101 Speeds, Endurance, and More.docx

Episode 7 Final Script.docx

EP7_Overclocking 101_EN.mp4

Episode 8 Final Script.docx

EP8_Memory Card 101_EN.mp4